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A message from Playgroup Shibaura

---Come and experience a Pre-School with international standards---

With a strong network and the support from the United States where child education is advanced, Playgroup Shibaura was founded in March 2011.

At Playgroup Shibaura, children develop their lush creativity with our experienced native English speaking teachers, through a variety of activities based on the CREATIVE CURRICULUM© method that has the No. 1 share in America.

< Program Features >
  • Approaches to suit the developing stage of every child
  • Setting the stage according to children’s interest areas
  • Exciting on-hand activities in an English-only environment
< Strong Network with Child Education in America >

Playgroup Shibaura works closely with the LEARNING NETWORK®, America’s leading company specializing in child education, it has a strong connection with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Playgroup applies methods and materials of America’s leading child education companies. The supporters of Playgroup Shibaura include:

“TEACHING STRATEGIES,” America’s most popular childcare publisher, headed by Diane Trister Dodge, the director of the NAEYC and the author of the best-selling childcare method “CREATIVE CURRICULUM©.”

“KIMBO EDUCATIONAL” children’s music publisher heard by 3 million children in America,

“CSS (Childcare Solution)”, the Human Resourse and training center for child educators.

CREATIVE CURRICULUM ®--- America’s premiere child education program

CREATIVE CURRICULUM ® is the child education program developed by TEACHING STRATEGIES© ®. In America.

日本語版翻訳・国内出版・販売元 ラーニングネットワーク社

Our method is very practical and guides children to the lush and spontaneous experiences in the English speaking environment.

Children have natural motivation to improve themselves(!)

Early childhood education is so common in our times. However what exactly should be acquired in the formation years?
We believe the following are the most important:

  • Ability to think for themselves
  • Pride
  • Ability to control emotions
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Mental toughness
  • Imagination = Creativity

These abilities are strongly influenced by experiences during early childhood. In other words these are the skills that need to be acquired through experience in formative years.

These abilities make an important foundation to support your child in school and later in society. All of them are essential in adult’s life as well.

In order to acquire these abilities in the formative years, we need a program to suit children’s developing stages and settings to suit their interest areas, the environment in which children can heartily “enjoy.”

---Drive/motivation to do, speak, learn and enjoy.

“I want to do! Speak! Learn! And have fun!” Once such a positive attitude is acquired,children naturally find themselves communicating in English.

Our curriculum centers on the programs that are appropriate for each developing stage, and the settings to meet different interest areas. It focuses on children’s growth through their true enjoyment and is considered the pioneer of the “Child Centered Approach.”

Building a great partnership with parents, who know the character of their children best, we wish to provide a learning environment best suited for every child.

Programs suitable for different developing stages
~What does your child need now?~

Right approach must be applied in the FIRST 60 months.

Children have a variety of goals to achieve through the early months of development stages. They need suitable programs to achieve those goals.

Some parents seek a high-standard of education for their children. However, in order to develop confidence, independence and attitude to challenge the new things with aspiration, it is most important to approach with programs suitable for child’s developing stages, from early childhood.

Once pride and confidence is acquired, children will cope with things with a “can-do” attitude, and start to have many positive experiences.

This applies to the learning of langages in their formative years as well.

Such positive attitudes and qualities are acquired from experiences in the first 60 months after birth, and developed throughout the life.

Environment Settings to suit their interest areas
~Children absorb what they are “INTERESTED IN”~

Imposing does not work for children, especially infants.

Our classrooms are called “Interest Areas” in which toys and materials are carefully selected, categorized and placed to suit different interest areas of the children.

In this environment, children learn to choose and judge by themselves, and be inspired to learn spontaneously with motivation.

Surrounded by the object of their interest, they focus and absorb eagerly, and make a smooth transition to the world of English.

Small children tend to forget what is taught by others.

But then rapidly absorb what they actually worked on, and experienced with interest.

As such, setting the right environment is very important to learn “practical” English.

Exciting Activities

Playgroup Shibaura offers an array of exciting activities including:

  • Music & Movement
  • Creative Art
  • Science
  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Social Study

These exciting activities are carefully planned to develop children’s social, cognitive, athletic and language abilities. They bring out their creativity and help them acquire an international mind, and the attitude to learn eagerly.

Parents Education

We hold workshops for parents to learn, while their children are learning.

We provide contents such as up-to-date information from “Creative Curriculum”, childcare workshops, career advancement. Through these activities we promote communications between parents and teachers, to build a good partnership.

Resource Shop

We constantly introduce and share great learning resources that are used in our classrooms, such as CD’s for Music & Movement, picture books for Story Time, materials for Creative Art, props for Dramatic Play, toys and blocks. These teaching materials are colourful and super-fun, all imported directly from the United States.

Come and experience Playgroup Shibaura’s Pre-school.
We eagerly await your visit.

Monday~Saturday 10:00~17:00)