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The goal of our curriculum is to help children
become enthusiastic learners.

How to think, how to learn, how to create and how to develop balanced physical abilities necessary for the international information society depends on the experiences in early childhood. These experiences are affected by good environments. “PLAYGROUP©" provides high quality programs, caring for children in a good environment with strong support and a network with child care organizations in the United States. “PLAYGROUP©" is proud to say all the staff are professionals trained through the American Early Childhood training programs. “PLAYGROUP©" respects other people, appreciates and values differences. “PLAYGROUP©" helps children develop self-esteem.

Supporting Organizations
“PLAYGROUP©" is supported by
the following organizations in the United States.

  • TEACHING STRATEGIES seeks to improve the quality of early childhood programs by designing easy-to-use curriculum and training materials. Materials and workshops offered by Teaching Strategies are making a difference in school and in “Head Start", public and private child care programs nationwide.
  • School Specialty is AMERICA's No.1 school supplier, which provides furniture, equipment, teaching materials with child care centers and schools all over U.S.A.
  • CCS Child Care Solutions/CCS is a non-profit agency that has provided career opportunities for family child care providers and is the only agency of its type in the state of Arizona.
  • KIMBO EDUCATIONAL provides 42,000 child care centers with Music and Movement recordings and helps 4 million children to grow and learn.